102nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Descendants Association

Relatives of Col. John Williams Patterson

(Wounded – shot through L chest at Battle of Fair Oaks)
(Captured at Battle of Salem Church, sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, VA)
(Killed Battle of the Wilderness, 5.5.1864)

Col. Patterson’s Father: 
Nathaniel Patterson, 1st Corporal Pittsburg Blues
(1794 - 1875)
Alexanders Indept. Battalion, Pennsylvania Volunteers
Captain J. R. Butlers Company
Battle of Mississinewa,  December 18, 1812
Battle of Fort Meigs,  May 5, 1813

Col. Patterson’s Grandfather: Mothers (Agnes Williams) father
Sgt. Isaac Williams, Sergeant Pittsburg Blues
(1761 - 1838)
Battle of Mississinewa, December 18, 1812
Battle of Fort Meigs, May 5, 1813  (Wounded)

Col. Patterson’s Great-grandfather,  Nathaniel Patterson
Served with General Washington during the French and Indian War
Served with Butler’s Regiment of the Pennsylvanians during the
Revolutionary War. Private in Davide hays Company of the
Chester County Militia

Col. Patterson’s Widow:
Almira Wendt Patterson  (1835 – 1908)
Orphaned at 13 years of age.
Lived with her maternal uncle George Brock in Bazetta, Ohio
Married John Patterson: May 4, 1859 in Bazetta, Trumbull County, Ohio

Mother: Almira Taylor Brock (1800 – 1845)
(Niece of Brig. General Sir Isaac Brock of British Army,
  KIA 1813 in the Battle of Queenstown, Ontario)

Father: Frederick Wendt Jr.  (1799 – 1848)

Col. Patterson’s Brothers and Sisters:

  1. James*                                         Nancy                                             MaryRobert (died in infancy) Nathaniel*AndrewAmelia
  2. Isaac                                           *CW veterans

Col. Patterson’s children:

  1. Mary Richards Patterson (1863-1869)
  2. Agnes Williams Patterson Phillis (1861-1924)

Married Avery Elmore Phillis: New Brighton, Penna.

  1. Frederick Wendt Patterson (1861-1945)

Died New Brighton, Penna. - lawyer, member of Penna. Legislature.

Col. Patterson’s Grandchildren:

  1. John Willard Patterson (1887 -        )David Seawright Patterson (1889 -    )    Helen Patterson (1886 – 1887)Eleanor Patterson (1893 – died same day)Mira Phillis
  2. William Avery Phillis Sr.  (1890 – 1970)

Col. Patterson’s Brothers that served in the Civil War:

Major James Williams Patterson (1833-1875)

    1. Captain, Co. B, 62nd Regiment, “Blacks Regiment” Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - July 4, 1861 – August 10, 1862 Entered service as a Captain, Co. B Promoted to Major, December 15, 1861 Resigned, August 10, 1862, “ill health” “General debility and partial hemiplegia”
      (hemiplagia=paralysis on one side of body) “Physically incapable of enduring the fatigue incident to the service”Entered at age 42, Resigned & Honorable Discharged at 43
    2. Maj. Patterson in command of 62nd Penna. From 6.27.1862

                      Lieutenant Nathaniel P. Patterson

                      1. Co. G, 1st   Maryland Cavalry (Union)Entered at age 40 as Orderly Sergeant1st Lieutenant – Co. G “Patterson’s Union CalvaryCaptured at Manassas, Oct. 24, 1862, confined in Richmond,  Paroled at Aikens Landing on Oct. 30, 1862 and sent to Halls Farm, Washington on December 14, 1862Promoted to Second Lieutenant, April 1861Promoted to First Lieutenant, July 19, 1862
                      2. Dismissed with Disgrace (General Order No. 21), March 1863

                    General Order No. 21: March 6, 1863, Camp near Falmouth, Va.
                    “1st Lieutenant Nathaniel P. Patterson, 1st Regiment Maryland Calvary, having on the 4th instant, while in charge of a picket guard, allowed the officers, men and horses of his command to enter a barn, and the men to take off their arms, and the horses to be unsaddled, in direct violation of existing orders, is dismissed with disgrace from the military service of the United States, subject to the approval of the President.”
                    By command of Major General Hooker:

                    S. Williams,
                    Assistant Adjutant General


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