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Private James C. Corzine, Company C, from Concord, North Carolina, surrendered and paroled at Appomattox. Buried at Cold Water Baptist Church, Concord, North Carolina. Cousin of Mary Anna Morrison Jackson (Mrs. Stonewall Jackson).

Captain David M. Corzine, Company C, from Concord, North Carolina, killed at Gravel HiIl, Virginia. Brother of Private James C. Corzine. Grave location unknown. Cousin of Mary Anna Morrison Jackson (Mrs. Stonewall Jackson).

Private Jesse Lee Forcum, Pvt, Company A, 33rd Regiment of North Carolina Troops, enlisted March 5, l862 Iredell County, North Carolina. Twin brother of Thomas Marshall Forcum.

Private Thomas Marshall Forcum, Company A, 33rd Regiment of North Carolina Troops, enlisted June 12, l861 Iredell County, North Carolina. Twin brother of Jesse Lee Forcum. Died Lynchburg, Virginia Army Hospital on Jun 5, l862 (or May 19, 1862) Buried in Lynchburg, Virginia Confederate Cemetery.

Private Isaac I. York, Co. A, Company A, was born in Febuary 1841 and lived in Iredell when he was drafted on January 3, 1862. He was wounded on August 9, 1862 at Cedar Mountain, Virginia. He was promoted to full sergeant on November 1, 1863 and discharged on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House. He died in 1924.

Jacob Augustus Shore enlisted January 7, 1862 at age 21 in Forsyth County, North Carolina and was assigned with his brother, Namon Shore, to Company C of the 33rd North Carolina Regiment on July 1, 1862. Presented and accounted for through the Gettysburg campaign. Participated in Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, one of only five in his company that was not injured or killed in that charge. In the action at Falling Waters, Maryland on July 14, 1863 he was captured along with over 600 other Confederate soldiers. Confined to Point Lookout POW camp in Maryland, he was exchanged on March 20, 1864 and rejoined his regiment at Petersburg between May and June of that year. Served until captured again at the battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia on March 25, 1865, he was sent a second time to Point Lookout until his release on May 14, 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. He returned home to Forsyth County and died in 1916 at the age of 75. He is buried at God’s Acre Cemetery at Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Private William John McGraw served in Company C, the "Cabarrus Hornets". He was born on 2 January 1843 in Cabarrus County, Concord, North Carolina and died 8 January 1893 in Rockwall County, Blackland, Texas. He is buried at Blackland Cemetery, Blackland, Texas. Private McGraw enlisted in 1861 and was wounded on 5 May 1863 at the Battle of Wilderness. He was slightly wounded and captured on 25 Mar 1865 at Petersburg, Virginia and confined at Point Lookout, Maryland for forty-eight days. He was paroled on 14 May 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance, returned to Concord, North Carolina after the war, and left for Texas with a number of other Concord famlies.

2nd Lieutenant William A. Patterson, Company E, enlisted at age 40 and was commissioned on or about September 20, 1861. He saw service in the Kinston andNew Bern areas in February 1862. Resigned commission on April 23, 1864 due to health reasons. A military doctor named Bingham signed a letter asking that Lieutenant Patterson be excused from service.

Private Lester Leonidas Parker, Company E, was from Union County, North Carolina. He was killed in action at Chancellorsville, a battle during which the regiment lost forty-two percent of the 480 soldiers engaged.

Private Joseph Gordon Harrell, Company E, was from Gates County, North Carolina. After fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg, he was captured at Fallen Waters and sent to the prison camp at Point Lookout, Maryland where he died in December of 1863.

Private Christian Lewis Bodenhamer of Forsyth County served in Company G and, according to the July and August, 1863 company muster roll, was killed in action at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

Private James E. Eure, Company E, was present with the regiment when it surrendered at Appomattox. His brother, Private George R. Eure, served in the same company and spent time hospitalized at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond.

Private Simon Bailey, Company H, resided in Hyde County where he enlisted on October 17, 1861. Present and accounted for until captured at or near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 3-5, 1863. Confined at Fort Delaware on or about July 9, 1863 and transferred to Pt. Lookout, Maryland October 15-18, 1863. Released at Pt. Lookout on February 16, 1864, after taking the oath of Allegiance and joining the U.S. Army.

Private Pinkney Wade, Company K, was captured at the Battle of the Wilderness sometime between May 5 and May 7 of 1864. He is shown in records to have served as a "Teamster."

Captain William Miles Brock Swindell, Company H, was born in Hyde County where he resided as a teacher prior to enlisting in Hyde County at age 21. Appointed 2nd Lieutenant to rank from April 27, 1861. Present or accounted for until appointed Captain on Oct. 16, 1861 and transferred to Company H, 33rd Regiment, North Carolina Troops. Present and accounted for as Captain of Company H, until killed at Cedar Mountain, Virginia on Aug. 9, 1862. According to Major James A. Weston, "he possessed high soldierly qualities, and was greatly beloved by his Company and Regiment".

Private Daniel Midyett, Company F (the "Dixie Invincibles") was from Hyde County, North Carolina.  He was born on June 22, 1843, enlisted on September 9, 1861, and was captured on May 5, 1864 at The Wilderness and was held as POW in Maryland. He is descended from Matthew Midyett, born on April 10, 1676 in James City, Bristol Parish, Colony of Virginia. 




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