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I, Isaac Cagle, a native of the state of North Carolina and now a citizen of Tennessee, resident at Piney Flats in the County of Sullivan in the said state of Tennessee, and who was a soldier from the state of Tennessee, in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under the act of the General Assembly of Tennessee entitled "An Act for the benefit of the indigent and disabled soldiers of the late war between the States, and to fix the fees of attorneys or agents for procuring said pensions and fixing a penalty for the violation of same "And I do solemnly swear that while in the discharge of my duty in the service of the Confederate or United States as a member of Captain  Gammons Company  1st Tennessee Regiment.

I was wounded in the battles of Piedmont Virginia and at Bulls Gap Tennessee and that from the effects of such wound or wounds I was disabled as follows: was shot in right leg and it was _{illegible word}_badly and was disabled for service for a long time-also slightly wounded in back of neck at Bulls Gap -my leg hurts me all the time.

And that by reason of such wound and disability I am now entitled to receive the benefits of this Act. I further swear that I do not hold any National, State, or County office nor do I receive aid or a pension from any other State or from the United States, and that I am not an inmate of any soldiers' home, and that I am unable to earn a reasonable support for myself and family.

I do solemnly swear that the answers to the following questions are true.

In what County, State and year were you born?

Answer: In North Carolina I was a little over 1 yr old when I came to Tennessee - born about 1835.

When did you enlist and in what command? Give the names of the regimental and company   officers under whom you were serving at date of wound or wounds?

Answer: Volunteered in 1862 in Captain Gammon's Company and was in different commands at different times, under Captain Gammons Co. " I" 63 {63rd Tennessee Inf} at close of war.

In what battle or battles were you wounded and if not in battle state under what conditions you received injury or injuries?

Answer: As above stated at Piedmont and Bulls Gap -in fights.

What was the precise nature of your wound or wounds?

Answer: Shot in right leg just above the ankle and the wound was serious-also in back of neck as stated.

 What limb, if any, did you lose by reason of said wound or wounds, and if no limb, state fully the disability caused by said wound or wounds, and is the disability permanent?

Answer: Lost no limb, disability is permanent.

Were you incapacitated for service by reason of said wound, wounds or service?

Answer: After shot in leg it was several months before I could do duty.

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound or wounds?

Answer: No.

If discharged from the army, where were you and what done you do till the end of the war?

Answer: Was not.

What was the name of the surgeon who attended you?

Answer: Dr. Fox . . . 3 or 4 Doctors came to take of my leg, but decided not to do so.

How did you get out of the army?

Answer: Stayed till the army disbanded after Lee surrendered

Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government?

Answer: No.

If so when, and under what circumstances?

Answer: None.

Are you married, or have you been married?

Answer: Yes.

If so, what is the size of your family?

Answer: Self, wife and 8 children.

What are the respective ages of your wife and children?

Answer: Wife over 60 yrs old, {illegible} my memory is not clear.

To what sex do your children belong?

Answer: 3 girls -5 boys

Are not some of your children able to support you?

Answer: No

In what business are you now engaged, if any, what do you earn?

Answer: Manual labor -can't work -have epileptic fits.

What estate have you in your own right, real or personal, and what is its value?

Answer: No real estate-very little personally -a small house and pine knob land -nearly worthless.

What has your wife in her own right, real or personal, and what is its value?

Answer: None.

How have you derived support for yourself and family for the last 5 years?

Answer: Just by doing a little -mostly by donation.

Do you use intoxicants to any extent?

Answer: No

How long have you been a resident of the State of Tennessee?

Answer: Nearly all my life or 60 odd years.

Have you an attorney to look after this application?

Answer: No.

If so give his name.

Answer: None.

Witness my hand this 23rd day of Sept.  1905

                                     Isaac {X}Cagle









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