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David B. Greenawalt

David B. Greenawalt of Fayetteville, Pennsylvania served in several regiments during the American Civil War: the 126th Pennsylvania Infantry; the 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry (which also served as the 182nd Pennsylvania Infantry); and the 87th Pennsylvania Infantry. The 21st Cavalry/182 Volunteers converted to a three year regiment in February of 1864, with six month enlistees allowed to depart (including D.B. Greenawalt). Sometime thereafter, he joined the 87th Pennsylavania Infantry, was commissioned and, as a Captain commanded Company K from February of 1865 until the regiment was discharged in July of 1865. The picture above is probably from his short service as an orderly sergeant in the 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry.

At age 26, Daniel Arnsberger mustered for duty as a private on September 19, 1861 and served until October 13, 1864 in Company H. During this time he was captured at the battle of Winchester, Virginia and confined in Richmond, Virginia (supposedly Libby Prison) until he was paroled at City Point, Virginia on July 23, 1863. He was captured on June 15, 1863. Daniel was captured at the battle of Carter's Woods (or Stephenson's Depot), the last fighting in the 2nd battle of Winchester. The battlefield is still pristine although there are plans for industry to invade the field across the road where the the 87th et al formed to make their three charges that morning. Daniel, as an enlisted man, would have spent, at best, a day or two in Libby Prison. That warehouse had become an "officers' club" by then but was used as a clearing house to disburse prisoners. Daniel was imprisoned on Belle Isle. Daniel and wife EIiza are buried at Lower Bermudian Church (Lutheran faith), Adams County, Pennsylvania. Daniel loved horses and was kicked to death by one in its stall on his farm.


William H. Hummer resided in Highland Township, Pennsylvnia served as a private in Company C of the 165th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (Drafted Militia), under Captain Ebenezer McGrinley and was discharged at Gettysburg on July 28, 1863. He reenlisted as a Corporal in Company K of the 87th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment under Capt. David B. Greenawalt. He was discharged on June 23, 1865 at Settlee Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Christian L. Boehmer enlisted as a private in Company F and was later promoted to sergeant. His post-war picture is shown below.

Christian L. Boehmer

Private William Wolf, Company G, enlisted on September 25, 1861 and was wounded at the Battle of Monocacy on July 9, 1864. He transfered to Company D as a Veteran Volunteer and mustered out on June 29, 1865. William Wolf died on July 30, 1919 and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, York, Pennsylvania.

Private Phares Brown served in Company I. His post-war photograph in GAR uniform is shown below.


Phares Brown

Musician (drummer) Jacob H. Snyder, Company C, mustered September 14, 1861 and was discharged October 13, 1864. He was captured at the battle of Carter's Woods on June 15, 1863. His brother, Private Isaac Jesse "Jess" Snyder, Company C, was mustered on September 14, 1861, wounded at the battle of Monocacy July 9, 1864 and died July 19, 1864.

Corporal Johann Heinrich Baughman, Company E, enlisted on September 13, 1861. He was captured at the battle of Monocacy, Maryland on July 9th, 1864 and died at the Confederate prison in Danville, Virginia on February 2nd, 1865.

Privates George E Yingling and his brother, Silas C. Yingling of Hanover, Pennsylvania both served in Company G. The brothers had been in the 16th Pennsylvania, a three-month regiment. Silas apparently joined the 87th Pennsylvania right after that unit disbanded and George joined the regiment in October of 1862. George was captured at Carter's Woods near Stephenson's Depot on June 15, 1863 during the 2nd Battle of Winchester. He was marched down the valley and to Libby prison and then to the Belle Isle prison camp. He was paroled and probably back with the regiment in time for the Mine Run Campaign. George was eventually transfered to Company D when the unit reorganized after the veterans left and remained with the regiment until discharged in June of 1865. Silas was mustered out with the veterans in October of 1863, prior to the Battle of Cedar Creek.

2nd Lieutenant Charles H. Stallman, Company C, started a tobacco shop after the war in York, Pennsylvania where he and his fellow veterans met.

Private William A. Ogden, Company F, was enrolled on October 9, 1861. He participated in all the battles in which the Regiment engaged until May 4, 1864 when he was captured by soldiers of the Confederacy. He was taken to Andersonville Prison on May 6, 1864 until December 26 of that year. William A. Ogden was discharged on February 24, 1865 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg.




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