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Sergeant G. William Keesee of Wooding's Battery was killed in action on September 17, 1862 at the Battle of Sharpsburg. His body was later reinterred with other Confederate casualties at Washington Confederate Cemetery in Hagerstown, Maryland. His brother, Corporal Peyton C. Keesee, Wooding's Battery, survived the war.

Private William Harrison Phillips served nearly the entire war as a member of the New Market (Eighth Star) of New Market and the Danville Artillery. He is listed as being paroled at Appomattox, but was captured at the end of the Breakthrough Battle at Petersburg. The VMI archives has the account book of Capt. Berryman Zirkle Price and it contains a roster of the Danville Artillery. On page 5 of the list, the entry reads "Wm. H. Phillips (Captured at Fort Gregg)".

Corporal Calvin H. P. Eaton, Price's Battery, remained an invalid the remainder of his life due to being hit by a round shot at the battle of Greenbrier River. One of his unit recovered the round shot that struck him, tearing away a big portion of this thigh, and returned it to him sometime during the war. He used it for a "door stop" at the old homeplace.





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