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Achillies Whilocke Hoge and his brother Moses J. Hoge were both members of the Ringgold Battery fron its inception in February 1862 to the battle of Cloyd's Farm where they were both killed in action. Whitlocke Hoge began his military service as a Hampden-Sidney Boy at Rich Mountain in June 1861, escaped capture, and then joined the Ringgold battery with his brother. Whit was initially elected Junior 2nd Lieutenant, was promoted twice and was Junior 1st Lieutenant at Cloyd's Farm.

Private James Poke Watlington is buried in the old cemetery in Chatham, Virginia.

Bugler John Jones Wilkinson served in Company B, 13th Battalion, Virginia Light Artillery. His captain was Timothy H. Stamps. He enlisted at Danville, Virginia on February 15, 1862 and was present on muster rolls for January and February of 1865. He was surrendered and paroled at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865 according to a copy of a War department letter dated January 31, 1934.

Private Robert Wilson Burch lived until 1927 and is buried in the family cemetery at Chalk Level.

Private Charles A. Dalton was one of two enlisted men that were seriously injured at the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain.

Private Henry Clay Lewis served in the Ringgold Battery, along with his two older brothers, Corporal Wade N. Lewis and Private William J. Lewis. His brothers were home with illness at war's end, but Henry Clay Lewis served till surrender. He was paroled by the 36th Massachusetts Infantry between April 11th and April 24, 1865 at Farmville, Viginia. This picture of a 1911 battery reunion taken at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Danville, Virginia.


Senior 2nd Lieutenant Achilles Whitlock Hoge died on May 9, 1864 and the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.

Excerpt from #6 Report made by Major J. Floyd King, Chief of Artillery, Artillery Corps, Army of Western Virginia, dated September 18, 1862 regarding Captain Timothy H. Stamps, commanding the Ringgold Artillery, 13th Virginia Battalion of Artillery at the Battle of Charleston, Virginia.

CAPTAIN: In obedience to orders, I have the honor to submit to the brigadier-general commanding the following report of the part the artillery enacted in the battle of Fayetteville and on the march to and at the battle of Charleston, commencing on the 10th and ending on the 13th instant: On nearing Fayetteville a section of Captain Otey's battery was thrown to the front with General Williams' brigade. The body of the artillery brought up the rear of the infantry. A brisk skirmish ensued, the enemy falling back. Arriving in sight of the enemy's works, it was decided to bombard them. Our infantry having driven the enemy' skirmishers in, the artillery was conducted to an eminence within 500 yards of his first fort. Here Captain Otey's and Stamps' batteries were engaged. It was soon determined to advance our artillery to an eminence nearer the enemy's works. It could not be done without crossing a hill under a heavy fire from the enemy of canister, grape, and musketry. Under the direction of Brigadier-General Williams, the enemy was driven from the houses and ravine situated between us and the fort. General Williams at the head of a battalion of infantry and Captains Otey's and Stamps' batteries, charged over the hill across the ravine and occupied the desired position within a short distance of the enemy's works. Here the fire became fierce. Captain Chapman's 24-pounder, commanded by the captain in person, and Captain Lowry's battery were brought up. The action continued with constancy and energy until night it having opened at 2 p.m. The courage and gallantry displayed by the officers and men on this occasion renders it unjust almost to make any distinction, but the commanding courage of Lieutenant Walker, of the Otey battery, and the bravery and efficiency displayed by Captain Stamps in action, were most cheering.




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